Moyletra Moileds


Contact: David & Sandra Scott

Address: Moyletra Farm, 78 Kurin Road, Garvagh, BT51 5NT

Phone: 028 2955 7824 or 077 7581 0253

Our family have been living and farming in Moyletra Kill, just outside Garvagh for over 140 years. We are currently the fifth generation of the Scott family to farm here but the first to have moilies.

Our farm mainly comprises of grassland with some wild meadows and woodland. Our lands provide lush pasture which is perfect for grazing. We also have a small flock of herdwick sheep and five donkeys.

Our five children love to share in our passion for nature and farming. They really enjoy getting stuck in and getting their hands dirty whether that’s cleaning pens or guarding a gap during a cattle move.

Farming has changed dramatically since the generation before us. We want to enable our children to have a future in farming here if they choose. We want to make the farm more sustainable and we are much more environmentally conscious than the generations before us. We have planted new hedgerows and reduced our use of fertiliser. We will continue to encourage the local biodiversity to improve and strive.