Killua Castle Farm


Contact: Anthony Gilsenan

Phone: +353 87 991 0833

Irish Moiled Cows: A Rare and Delicious Breed

At the Killua Castle Farm, we are proud to raise a rare and unique breed of cattle known as Irish Moiled cows. These cows are known for their distinctive appearance, with a distinctive white line running down their backs and a small, compact size.

But what really sets our herd apart is the quality of the meat they produce. We have our own processing facility on site, which allows us to carefully control the entire process from field to fork. Our cows are grass-fed and free-range, which results in a meat that is lean and flavourful.

We offer our meat for sale in our farm shop, as well as supplying it to local restaurants and retail shops. Our customers appreciate the quality and taste of our meat, and we are proud to be able to offer a unique and delicious product.

In addition to our meat, we also offer animals for sale for breeding purposes. Our herd is carefully managed and bred to maintain the unique traits of the Irish Moiled breed. We are dedicated to preserving this rare and special breed, and we believe that their delicious meat is a testament to their quality and uniqueness.

Finally, we also have a dedicated dry ageing facility for our meat. This allows us to further enhance the flavor and tenderness of our meat, resulting in a truly exceptional product that is unmatched in quality and taste.

If you are looking for a truly unique and delicious meat, look no further than our Irish Moiled cows. We are proud to raise and offer this rare breed to our customers, and we believe that you will be impressed by the quality and taste of our meat.