Carrig Moiled Cattle


Contact: Gareth Ryan

Phone: +353 (0) 877444568

Gareth Ryan based in Clonakilty in Co. Cork purchased his first two cows and two heifers in early 2017 from the Tully herd of Irish Moileds owned by Wilbert and Mary Forsythe’s in County Antrim. He wanted pedigree cattle that were easily managed and quiet for his small holding of a few acres adjacent to his family farm.

Gareth was delighted within a few short months later the two cows both had heifer calves. Using AI bull ‘Newbridge Darragh’ on these females gave him a more compact female which crossed well with Macmann Bullagh Bos giving him animals on the ground that he was really pleased with, having good confirmation and size. He has sold Carrig Irish Moiled bulls and is building up the females in the herd with Bullagh Bos in their back breeding and when numbers build up, he hopes to purchase a pedigree Irish Moiled stock bull to run with the herd.

Gareth sells beef boxes in Cork with animals deemed unsuitable for pedigree breeding through attending local farmers markets which has worked out successful with very positive feedback and he hopes to develop the business further in the coming years.