Beauty Hill Pedigrees


Contact: Judith, Jacqueline & Albert Baxter

Address: 43 Strahulter Road, Newtownstewart

Phone: 07713 085230

Beauty Hill Pedigree Irish Moiled started to sell Beef Boxes during the Covid 19 Pandemic although we had been eating our own meat for about 2 years.

It all started when we slaughtered Beauty Hill George and as a family, we were wondering what the grandchildren would think of eating an animal that they had known from birth but we need not have worried because on eating the delicious Irish Moiled Meat they all loved the taste and quality. So much that our eight-year-old granddaughter remarked at the dinner table “George Never lets us down”. I knew then we had something very special indeed.

Then came the pandemic and no one was working, Judith came home with the idea of selling some of our beef and so it began. Some of her friends wanted to try Irish Moiled Beef and the Beef Box was born.

We now sell Half Sides of beef as well as the Beef Boxes and this year we made Christmas Hampers to Order which was a roaring success.

Our customers come mainly from Tyrone and our half sides have been selling to local farming families.
As our Butcher cuts each animal to make best use of the meat every time a box is purchased it may not be identical to the last one. But one of our repeat consumer’s feels this is unique as it allows his creative cooking skills to flow.