The Irish Moiled Cattle Society carries out a full DNA parent identification test on all purebred Irish Moiled Cattle.

A hair sample is taken from the tail of each purebred Irish Moiled and sent to the lab to confirm the parents are both their Dam and Sire. When this process is complete each animal is issued with an Identification Number and paper Documentation in the form of a Certificate to prove its heritage. 

The heritage of the Irish Moiled Cattle has been built and refined over generations. The registration process traces the calf back over multiple generations through clearly defined and proven pedigrees including the parents, grand-parents and great grand-parents leading right back to the foundations of this historic breed.

Each animal has its own herd identification number that allows for the tracing of their movements, date of birth, sex, breed, parental history and location.

Each individual cut of meat sold under the Irish Moilie Beef scheme should have a certificate with its Herd Number printed on it. This should prevent Non-Pedigree Moilie Beef from masquerading as a pedigree Irish Moilie Beef product. All certified suppliers should have this readily available for each animal.

Sample Certificates